About Us

Atomic Number 1 energy solutions is a renewable energy company which provides integrated solutions for industries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Turn-key Solution provider for hydrogen

We are a complete value chain green energy solution provider for hydrogen – A Hydrogen EPC Company.

We design, develop, install and operate cryogenic systems for renewables mainly focusing on green hydrogen infrastructures.

We deliver dedicated zero carbon emission energy services to our customers.



Why Choose US


We consult with you to determine whether to make your entire business carbon neutral, or just a certain product, service, or activity.

The CarbonNeutral Protocol outlines the emissions that are involved in each choice so that you may weigh the advantages and disadvantages.


We can hire impartial specialists in your type of business, its size, and location to do emissions assessments. They may determine what information needs to be gathered, assist you in obtaining it from the company, and then determine your overall emissions.

Each form of carbon neutral action is explicitly defined by the CarbonNeutral Protocol, and all of our assessment partners have extensive expertise assessing footprints to meet Protocol standards.


You intend to achieve net zero emissions and become carbon neutral.


You implement internal emissions reductions, such as initiatives to increase energy efficiency and modifications to business travel.

We collaborate with you to determine and implement the renewable energy and emission reduction initiatives that are most suitable for your company and enable you to become carbon neutral.


Green Energy